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January Newsletter from Loomis Financial

Welcome to 2021. What a year 2020 was, and what a year 2021 is set out to be.

This year, we at Loomis Financial look forward to continuing to engage with you and help you work towards achieving your needs and objectives. As changes to our industry and licensee continue to unfold and come together during this year, Loomis Financial will aim to meet your service needs and expectations smoothly. We would like to thank you for your cooperation and support last year, as we moved through the challenges and changes that 2020 presented, and appreciate your continued cooperation as we move into the new year.

Most of you have now transitioned from our ongoing service agreement to a fixed term advice arrangement of 12 months. While there are no changes to the service offering we are providing, we would like to take this opportunity to kindly remind you of the importance of meeting at least once this year to ensure our strategies and recommendations align with your goals and objectives, as well as contacting us to review your portfolio in the event of a significant change. Your fixed term advice arrangement outlines our service fee, please refer to this document for more details. Should you not be able to locate your fixed term advice arrangement, please do not hesitate to request a copy from our office. Our office will contact you as your appointment is due to schedule a time to go over your portfolios and discuss any changes.

Our advice and recommendations are based on our understanding of your circumstances, as addressed in your Statement of Advice (plan). Overtime, this Statement of Advice can become dated. This could be a result of a significant change occurring (additional investment, change of product and/or lifestyle events (marriage, divorce, children etc)) or even a result of minor amendments over the years, that now result in your plan not reflecting your current circumstances. To provide you with advice, we are required to ensure your Statement of Advice accurately reflects your needs and objectives and provides a clear picture of your circumstances. Should we find that your plan needs to be updated, we will address this with you at your review (as per your fixed term advice arrangement, this plan is an additional cost to your ongoing service fee).

We wish you a healthy and prosperous 2021, and look forward to continuing to work with you to meet your goals and objectives.

Tim, Emily and the Loomis Financial Team